What do they represent?

A classic football shirt is a jersey worn by a football club in a previous season. It may be one year ago or 50 years ago. A person will often buy the shirt the team wore during a particularly successful part of the club’s history. In this way, a classic football shirt will represent success. The classic shirt could also be the jersey of a particular player who was at the club and buying his classic football shirt will represent an appreciation of footballing skills and talents. Most of all buying a classic shirt represents loyalty. A modern fan buying a jersey worn 20 years ago shows that he knows and understands the club’s history and he is a loyal supporter of the club.

Different kit sets

A football club often has three sets of kits for each season. There will be a home kit which the players will wear during a home game. There will be an away kit which the players will wear during away games. The last kit is a spare kit which is often worn when the team’s jersey clashes with the other team’s home jersey. The keeper will often have his kit different from outfield players. There are also training kits worn during weekly team practice sessions. All these classic shirts can be found online, and the buyer can choose the one which is most appealing.

People who purchase the shirts

Many people purchase classic football shirts, but the buyers are predominantly football fans. A person who has supported a club for very long may want to purchase a jersey from a time he values to keep the memory alive. A young supporter may buy the jersey to feel somewhat connected to the club’s history and roots. Someone who plays football may buy the shirt so that he may play in it.

Why purchase a classic football shirt?

Classic football shirts may be purchased online to be presented as a gift. A son or daughter may buy a classic jersey for their parent to remind them of the glory days they once enjoyed. The classic jerseys may also be purchased by someone who may like the fashion of the jerseys. The embroidery or design of the jersey may be appealing to a person interested in sports fashion.

Products and materials used in more recent years

Classic football shirts i.e. jerseys made before the 1960s were made of cotton or woolen material. The material was swapped for synthetic ones such as Polyester. In more recent times, Elastane has been used to make football kits. Both these materials are polymers. Synthetic material is extremely light while retaining the usability of more traditional clothing. It allows players to be more efficient on the field. However, classic jerseys are stronger and more durable. They can be worn for play repeatedly. Modern synthetic jerseys are easy to tear and are more appropriate to worn by fans who do not play football. Synthetic kits are easy to clean and dry. Lycra is another material that is used in modern jerseys for its stretching abilities.

Weddings and Photo Booths

Top Tips For Choosing a Photo Booth for Your Wedding

Photo booths are the latest trend in just about any event.  It goes without saying that regardless of the event, you can be sure to find a photo booth incorporated into the event.  There are numerous styles and quality booths available today. The key to success here is to find the right one for your event. How to choose one and rest assured you made the right choice is of the essence here.

1.     How well do you know the company?

One fact is for sure when it comes to weddings – there is no chance to do it over or a second chance to capture the special moment. It is important to make sure you do your homework well before deciding on the company to provide your photo booth.  Some important questions to ask before you decide on the service providing company are:

·         What makes them trustworthy?

·         Are they reliable?

·         Do they have experience in wedding events?

·         How would you score them on professionalism?

You want to be sure that they will be there and provide exceptional service and that they will be part of the good memories of your special day.

2.     What about their reputation?

There are several high ranking wedding directories and web sites that provide worthy reviews on various services and hiring a photo booth for your wedding is included in these lists. There can be various reasons why they are not listed with these directories or sites.

In addition you can check if they advertise and what mediums they use to advertise.  If they do not advertise at all it should be a reason for concern. In many instances they do not have the money to reinvest in their business or that they have such a bad reputation that they rather do not advertise. Alternatively a business who does not advertise may raise the concern that they might not be in business anymore when it is time for your wedding. Last minute crisis management is not one of the things one would like to do during a special event like your wedding day.

An alternative good source for recommendations and reviews are wedding planners, friends, family, previous clients, venue managers etc.

3.     How experienced are they?


How long they are in business can seem to be impressive, however they can be in business for a long time but the real question is how many events have they covered.  Working at several events is one thing yet the question is how many weddings they conducted successfully.  Do they have a portfolio to show for the work they did in the past? Will they be able to cooperate well with the other suppliers on this special day?


4.     What does their equipment tell you?


There are so many technical jargons that can be listed on paper that it can make your head spin and sound very impressive. Things that really matter are:

·         Correct lighting

·         Printer DPI (dots per inch)

·         Quality of pictures – will they last or fade after a few months or even smear?

·         Cutting process of the pictures – is it done manually or with a cutter?

·         Speed of the processing?

The bottom line is, it is the best option to ask to see some samples of the pictures they provide.

5.     What about their photo booth?

You have to be very clear and specific what you want. For some people a camera on a tripod and a standard backdrop is sufficient. The question is do they provide what you want?

Keep in mind that the photo booth will be one of the main focus points of your wedding and will be the one aspect responsible for creating everlasting memories of your day. Make sure that the memories created are good ones by opting for the best quality service in all aspects. It needs to compliment  your ideas and expectations not complicate it.

6.     What is Custom Designed Print Graphics?

Will you get true custom designed print graphics or is placing a standard name and date at the bottom of the pictures regarded as custom designed graphics? You are either provided with a customized design that goes on your pictures or you are not. Is their booth set up as a standard scene or is your customized requirements catered for.


7.     What is the Real Cost?

Cost is a concern for everyone, especially with a wedding where there plenty of expenses that needs to be consider. However very important that when choosing a photo booth for your wedding that cost should not be the main consideration. Do not expect a million dollar experience if you pay ten dollars. In addition enquire what the hidden costs are such as traveling expenses, minimum hour charges, minimum picture charges etc.


Thailand Property Market

Thailand is a beautiful country that anyone would love to call home. The country is geographically endowed, and it has friendly people with a beautiful culture. The real estate industry in Thailand is also highly developed. Once you set foot in this country, you will be enchanted by its warm people, lovely climate and attractive beaches. The real estate market in Thailand has a variety of property that can suit anyone’s budget and needs. If you want villas, houses of condominiums, you will definitely find one that will interest you. Thailand, real estate market, is experiencing phenomenal growth like in most countries in the world. The country has become a favorite location for people who want a second home, immigrants, and people looking for retirement homes. 
Finding a house to buy or lease whether for residential or commercial purposes in any part of Thailand is a breeze because there are professional real estate companies in all major towns around the country. The companies provide listings for houses and property that is available for sale in the different areas and thus connect buyers with sellers. One of such places that you might want to own property is Pattaya. A real estate agent from a reputable company in Pattaya can help you find guesthouses, commercial buildings, condos, private houses, investments and lands. Such professionals can help you maneuver the complex real estate market in Pattaya. This place is a vibrant beach resort that is a favorite vacation spot for retirees, expats and foreign tourists and anyone who loves to enjoy the good scenery. 
The area has all the necessary amenities that can make life enjoyable and comfortable for both visitors and residents. These include schools, hospitals, world-class hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and shopping malls, sporting activities, night life, entertainment, tropical climate and exquisite sandy beaches. This means that whether you are alone, or you have a family, you can enjoy living here because your children will have schools to go to and places to go for their recreational activities. The area is experiencing rapid growth due to the development program of the government which has accelerated commercial and industrial expansion. 
The new Bangkok airport that is located close to Pattaya, and it is one of the governments’ efforts in improving the areas’ transport network. This has made the location quite accessible and convenient. This is one of the reasons that have made real estate market in Pattaya explode in the recent years because the value of the land surrounding the area appreciated and continued to grow value. The growth that is being experienced in this sector means that investors who choose to invest in the real estatePattaya can laugh all the way to the bank because they will surely get high returns on their investments. 
Houses are quite affordable here as you can find a decent house with a private pool for a cost of between 5,700,000, and 8,900,000 depending on its size and other features. You can also become an owner of a villa if you part with as little as 8,000,000 or as much as 18,900,000. You can also find a condo for between 2,000,000 and 4, 900,000. You can choose to live in the beachfront or the tranquil interior. The houses are also made in the latest designs which make them appealing to look at. Once you buy such a house, you will definitely become a proud owner. These houses also have amazing features that make them worth every penny spent on them. You can also go to the beach and enjoy the breeze or walk in the sand. Therefore, if the beach is your idea of fun, Thailand will definitely be an ideal place for you to live in or spend your retirement years. 
Koh Samui is also another ideal location where you can choose to buy property and invest in the real estate market. In this place, you can find retirement homes, a second home, relocations or land, and vacation home. Whether you want villas or luxury homes, luxuriant private residences, gated communities you can find them in real estate Koh Samui. Some of the houses you can in Koh Samui include a 5-bed panoramic sea view villa, sea view services apartments, waterfront villas, and modern ocean view villas among others. These houses have great villas that can make your stay there enjoyable. These features include bathrooms, CCTV, 24/7 security, government electricity, modern designs, and freehold tenure.
Indeed, the real estate industry in Thailand is experiencing tremendous growth, and interested investors can make a killing if they seized the opportunity and invested now. They can buy property and make earnings from rentals. 

The Need For A Residential Electrician

An Electrician

There will be a few times in your life when you may need to find the services of an electrician. There could be a lot of different situations for example when altering a light fixture, possibly replacing an old chandelier or adding modern new lighting. In addition, there will be times when you’re constructing an entirely new house. This normally is when you experience other electrical issues at home with rewiring of the house or extension.
There are many great reasons why you’ll need to hire a residential electrician and also why doing distinct electrical jobs at home and electrical installations, do not fit into the DIY endeavours you’ll be able to manage as a homeowner. The first and most significant motive a professional electrician should be permitted to manage is any type of work which deals with electricity.
There are opportunities in one’s life where people feel the need to take on a DIY project. An example of this would be by following wiring diagrams or a house wiring diagrams for your job.  They may seem fairly simple to follow but the truth is that this can be a very dangerous job to take on without the correct skills and training. Some things that could go wrong are, cables becoming crossed, not wiring things correctly, incorrect voltage and many other issues. Most house fires are due to defective wiring. If you decide to take on the job yourself without the need of a residential electrician then risking doing your own wiring can place yourself, your family and your property in danger for such fires.

Even if you are very good at all aspects of DIY and fancy your hand at doing your own electrics then you are making a big mistake. When it comes to most jobs involving electricity you need the correct training and skills to carry this out.  Once you have completed the job you will need to get it signed off in order to pass the governments requirements. If this doesn’t pass, then you can find yourself with all kinds of problems and big fines if it is not sorted out.

So when employing a residential electrician to complete these jobs for you there will be no way of avoiding the cost for the job but in the long run it will be a much better investment because you will have the correct work carried out to the correct standards of where you live, with the correct certificates giving you a stress and worry free experience knowing your property is safe from any electrical faults.

Dealing with Kitchen Sink Plumbing Problems

Tips and quick fixes for plumbing issues

The kitchen sink is arguably the mostly used as a utility in your home along with establishments such as restaurants where they will normally have several larger units. The continued use of the sinks causes aging which over time results in a number of plumbing problems. The problems can vary from a leaking tap to a clogged drain, whatever the problem that you come across may be you need to ensure that the it is fixed as quickly as possible to prevent any larger issues that may occur. Most kitchen sink problems can be solved at home without having to call a plumber.

Here are a few questions which have been answered by expert plumbers to help you fix any similar sort of problems.

– How do you deal with a kitchen sink faucet that is leaking from the middle every time the water is turned on?

There are two possible reasons for this;

1. The sink could have an internal leak. In such a case, the valve needs to be replaced to stop the leakage.

2. The sink could be totally worn out and in need of replacement.

You can either do this yourself or call a one of the many plumbing companies in your area to handle the job for you.

– Why would a kitchen sink faucet be letting out water at a very low pressure?

This is most likely a sediment problem. Look behind your faucet’s spray head and pull out and screen to check for any damage. The standard faucet head can be removed by turning the head anticlockwise until it drops out, once released check for damage and clean then replace with either a new spray head or if undamaged the existing head to see if the cleaning process has solved the problem.

– What’s the best way to clean up a clogged drain which comes from the kitchen sink?

An electric rodding machine is a good tool to push down the drain to check for the cause of the clogging. You should repeat the procedure on a monthly basis to ensure your drain stays clean, this will also avoid other possible plumbing problems in the future.

A clogged drain is one of the most common plumbing problems, this can generally be avoided by placing a strainer in the sink which prevents any solid pieces from getting into the drain. Do not pour any heavy liquids such as oil or grease down the drain as they may also cause a blockage once the water flow gets switched off.

If you have a modern sink that comes with a garbage disposal feature, make sure that you always run an adequate amount of water through the machine whilst it is in use to ensure that all food particles flow out of the pipe and into the sewer line. It is also good practice to pour boiling water down the drain at least once a week to break up any sediments that have built up over time. If you notice that water is draining down your sink at a slower pace, adding a small amount of baking soda followed by boiling water is a good home remedy to get the water flowing smoothly again.

For more useful tips or to book one of the best plumbing services in your area then click here for more details!

House Removals Australia

Removal Companies – what to look for 

When the time comes to move to another house the job in hand isn’t so simple. The problems arise when you must carry all your stuff from your present residence to the new house in a certain way, protecting your belongings in the best way possible and trying to avoid any damages. It is possible to perform the job by yourself but there’s a good chance that your property will get damaged in the process. This all comes down to lack of experience when removing your furniture and household goods. If you find yourself in this situation, it is always best to employ a Removal company to do the work for you.  By doing this you allow yourself time and energy to concentrate on other things while the professionals get to work.

There are many Removal companies out there offering a wide range of services depending on your own needs and demands. The removal companies will have a team of highly trained staff with years of experience when it comes to handling anything from electronic items like refrigerators, televisions to pieces of furniture being a table, chair or a big bed, nothing is too big or too small. When the companies start a job they always take into account how much peoples belongings mean to them so with their expertise they assort the goods neatly with the correct protection so when they are delivered everything runs smoothly so the customer  can rest ashore that there will be no damage to their property.

The removal companies have expertise and knowledge in disassembling and assembling various house hold items, for example home furniture and electronic goods. These removal companies have years of experience with the moving procedure and their expertise helps to prevent errors while transferring all of your belongings.

It is advisable to do some research on a few different removal companies before deciding who you are going to use. The reason for this is you want to make sure that the company you are using has the correct insurance to cover all of your belonging from the start of the removal process to the end. Insurance coverage is given for damage, breakage and even for loss of your property while transferring it to another place. A few other things to look out for when deciding on what company to use would be the correct equipment used for packing and protecting the goods, also an adequate lorry for transporting the goods and the correct tools for rapid dissembling and assembling of your house hold goods/furniture.

How To Start Your Own Photo Booth Business


06aa086dd3ba3d299a5de89d95efa705Photo booth rentals are getting more in demand in the past years and they’re in most events and important activities today. They have become a must have in weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, gala’s and even company events.

This fun addition to any event or celebration has quickly gained popularity because of the fun it brings to everyone. With varying prices and add-ons, photo booth rentals can be a good option to make any celebration more enjoyable and memorable.

Since this is a flourishing business, this can be a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to consider.  Generally, putting up your own photo booth business can be a challenge but with the right perspective and strategies – you are never too far from success. Here are some tips for you if you’d like to embark this type of business.


Create The Strategy

Just like other businesses, you ought to start with a marketing strategy. Your plan must incorporate trade goals so that you are working towards a measured baseline.

A marketing strategy is an outline of your business goals and how to hit them. You must identify a process that will enable you to attain your goals on a specified timeline.



Business Plan

A business plan is basically the entire business planning itself. It is like a blueprint of the steps that you are to take in starting your business. This is consisting of all elements necessary to make the business work.

Your business plan involves different aspects. For a photo booth start-up, you need to identify the following factors:


  • Items Needed – Of course, to be able to start your business, you need to identify the tools you need. The basic items you need are:


  • Monitor
  • Computer
  • Software application
  • Lighting
  • Photo printer
  • Props


  • The Business Model – you’ve two choices; secure a photo booth industry franchise or set-up your own.
    • Franchise – just like any other business, acquiring a franchise saves you the hassle of processing everything. In fact, you need not think about a business model or planning. Everything is laid upfront and all you need to do is pay the royalty fee. Another advantage is that, you get to enjoy the perks of having an “already-known” company which saves you time marketing for your business.
    • Set Up Your Own – this is not a bad idea after all. Setting up your own brand, and starting from scratch can be a challenge at first, but it will give you the opportunity to learn first-hand on how to manage and grow your business. You are able to make adjustments and implement changes without consulting anyone. Plus, you need not pay anything for franchise fees or royalty fees.


  • The Target Consumer – When starting your own photo booth business, you need to learn how to attract customers. Find out the specific target population that will most likely be interested in your service. Keep track of the events and activities that usually hires photo booth services and identify the demographics of these clients. This will give you an idea who to target when you do promotions and marketing.


  • The Pricing – Part of your business planning is identifying the cost of your service. You can conduct initial testing and see how much markup you need to apply to ensure that it is still profitable for you. Consider the standard rates among your competitors and find an opportunity to get an edge over them. You need to identify a price range that provides value to your clients and at the same time ensures an profitable ROI for you.


Photo booth business is a promising undertaking, less hassle and maintenance. All you need to remember is that you have to be prepared holistically and you must be willing to face the challenges that may come along the way.